Friday, December 21, 2012


I went to WINNERS today to buy a Christmas gift. The sales were on, the Christmas tunes were playing, loads of people were scouring the isles, searching for brand name discounted boots, shoes, jewelry, apparel, perfumes and home decor.

I had my doggie Magic with me, and even she noticed a buzz in the air that was not present on our past shopping trips. People were stopping to talk to her and pat her. One woman brought her son across the isle to tough Magic. Needless to say Magic got overly excited and scared the heck out the child. The mother quickly resumed her spot across the isle. lol. Magic has a rough bark for such a pretty lil thing. It's comparable to an old woman's voice, you know the kind that smoked too many cigarettes in her teens? Well yeah, she sounds like that. Her ruff is rough.

But I take her to WINNERS sometimes because of the unique doggie outfits they have at amazing prices... yes, I do dress her up. What?! She's a small dog! Plus, they sell great dog treats at reasonable prices as well.
So anyway, I found the gift I was looking for, my nephew will love it. I also picked up a little gift for me -a great leather handbag, bone and caramel colour, which will match nicely with my caramel tone MOON dress.

Magic started to get a bit antsy, and even though I could have rummaged for another hour or so, I knew I had to venture to the line, which was winding and very long. As I was in line, the very long line, many people were chit-chatting, laughing and the energy was encouraging. It made me feel like singing "Away in a manger", "Silent Night" "Jingle Bells" or "Frosty the snowman", they were my all time favourite Christmas tunes as a child, and I'm sure if the WINNERS loudspeaker music had of played any of them I would have broken out in song and dance.

Finally, it was my time to purchase my items. The sales associate greeted me friendly while Magic greeted her with a hanging tongue and wagging tail.
"What's your dog's name? It's nice to see somebody who wants to say 'hi' to me instead of biting my head off. You would think most of these customers were animals!"
I laughed, as I found her candidness quite refreshing.

She went on "I don't know why people are so nasty during this time of year. Fighting and arguing and yelling at us innocent employees. It's not our fault if a clothing item is damaged. It's the customers that ruin most of them when they are tearing the racks apart! Why should we be screamed at when the customer wants a damaged item marked down even more?! I had a woman throw a bottle of shower gel, almost hit my manager, and all because my manager would only take 10% more off of the price. There was nothing wrong with the item. The plastic was off the box, that's it! What does the woman want! The prices here are already marked down quite a lot! It was a CHANEL shower gel for crying out loud! Where else would she find one as cheap as WINNERS sells it?-"

By this point I didn't know if I should give her my card and tell her she needed a lift coaching session to learn how to deal with her stress or simply just give her a quick session on the spot! I opted to do both.
As I listened to her express her frustration I noticed that she was taking extra long ringing in my items, and I don't think it was because she was slow at her job, I feel she just needed to vent, and she picked up the vibe from me that I was willing to listen.

I felt she needed more of a listening ear as opposed to sound advice. So I just nodded my head, smiled compassionately to show her a little kindness, and to express to her that everything will be alright. She vented, packed my stuff and said.
"Well, you and Magic have a wonderful Christmas. I know I will, because I won't be here on that day. Thank God I'll have the day off. I'm not looking forward to Boxing day though!... Oh gosh, that thought is enough to ruin my Christmas! Anyway, you enjoy yours."

I left her feeling like truth was just poured on me like a bucket of cold water. The stores do such a great job during this time of year, setting up the decorations, placing sale tags on desired presents, playing ol time Christmas carols and it's all to get your money by marketing Christmas. Of course in return the customer gets their product, but it still doesn't take away the fact that it feels like a set up. I actually felt like apologizing to the sales associate for all she had to endure for the last few weeks. I know it's her job, and yeah, yeah every job has its occupational hazards, however, come on, let's remember what this time of the year represents! JOY! A saviour was born.

So let's keep that in mind for the next few days of shopping that are left before Christmas. Let's also keep that in mind when we are hitting the Boxing day sales. Gosh, as a matter of fact, let's keep it in mind all year round!

Be mindful to behave like the Saviour did. When Jesus said speak with respect, do not judge, treat others how you wish to be treated he was helping us to correct our character. All the parables he spoke with are supposed to guide us, and help us how to be better people. He himself lived by the ancient teachings of Isiah the prophet and so many more influential forefathers. For Jesus said it best when he said that it is only through him that we enter the kingdom of God. He meant through his walk, talk and way of living.

Take a moment to be nice to people who are serving you. Treat them how you wish to be treated. Just because they are working behind a sales desk does not mean they are lower, in fact they may even have a higher place in heaven than you or your pastor.
Merry Christmas Friends.

-May God be with you... Love Cerise   

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