Thursday, December 20, 2012


For me, my birthday is one of peace, joy and happiness. I feel blessed to be living another year, making new memories, experiencing new challenges and appreciating every learning curve and blessing.

Today my day started being awakened by my son with a kiss on my forehead, and a lick on my ear by my doggie Magic. My son gave me my gift... actually I got to pick from two gifts, one was for my birthday and the other Christmas, both were wrapped, so not knowing what was in any of them I got to choose which one I wanted to open first. The other one is being saved for Christmas.
The gift I chose was the Pitbull CD, lol, which I requested weeks ago! I mentioned to my son that I'm starting a new workout regimen this bday and I wanted new music to dance to (which is how I exercise) and he paid attention! What a great husband he'll make a lucky woman one day eh ladies?... hold on, allow me to take a moment to pat myself on the back- lol-.
Anyway, by mid afternoon I did a reasonable amount of editing on my book, and worked on my workshop for this Saturday -By the way, you're invited to join in. I'll be speaking about developing your talents to achieve happiness- and by 4pm I was swept away by my good friend and taken out for one of my favourite meals, mmm hummus, roasted olives, tomatoes with toasted pita.
I also took a moment to hit a great boutique where I found a stunning New Year Eve outfit, providing I go out to celebrate, and if not then I have a flashy dress for some special event in the future.
Then I grabbed a few cans of soup and sardines, to ease my son's worry about the Mayan prediction of the world ending tomorrow, or what he heard in high school, a three day blackout, and now I'm home.
Just finished painting my nails with Revlon "hot for chocoate" nail polish and about to answer my 200+ bday wishes on Facebook, email, text and voicemail.
Before the day ends I'd like to thank God for life, love, laughter and everything else that makes living what it is. Just having the opportunity to experience breathing makes it all worth it.

Thank you friends and family... thank you for all the love, support and just for being you. As you are the spice that makes the dish of life enjoyable.
Alrighty, I'm off... gosh, looking at this nail polish is making me hungry, gonna go eat some homemade fudge I got as gift from my good friend Laur!

Loads of love to y'all - Cerise.
By the way, I'm 41! What? Age ain't nuttin but a number you dial dahling!  

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