Saturday, December 22, 2012


What a great day today was. I always love my Saturdays because I get to speak about life lessons to a group of great people who not only enjoy the workshops but they help to make it a better class.
Being a Life Coach is one of the things in life that I love doing most, guiding people is one of the things I do best. In today's workshop I spoke about building on the talents that we are blessed with in order to make successful futures. The video footage will be online at by tomorrow evening. 
We had an impromptu mini Christmas party today, thanks to Angela who so graciously brought in a cheese platter and fruit platter, and brought it to my attention that I have to start feeding my class. lol. So I'm bringing in bread and water next week. 
Okay, Okay, I'll bring in a lil treat with some coffee, tea (Green tea, chai, and regular). So come on out and have some treats folks. Next week we'll be speaking about the Daniel Fast and how to come into the New Year focused on tip top health. Harvey from the DNA laboratory of Viaguard AccuMetrics will be our guest speaker, and he will be speaking about nutrition and the effects of stress on health.  
Shouts out to the following for the gifts of love they shared today.

Thank you Thuvi for the the delicious cookies... I've already dug into the box and tasted a cookie from each country- Germany, France, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands.
Thank you Jason for lovely card, white chocolates, beeswax gift set and scented candle... Please tell your wife that she makes white chocolate better than the stores. Anthony will have to add her to his lottery list and invest in her chocolatier business. Oh and the picture of the baby is soooo sweet! I have it up on my fridge.

Thank you Dawn for the lovely card. You're such a doll. It's always a pleasure seeing you smile.
Thank you Angela, Alyssa, and Aysha for feeding us today and I'm certainly living, loving and laughing... Oh yeah, the treats you gave me will hold me over for a while. Put it this way, Loblaws won't be seeing me for a few days.
Thank you Alyssa for your insight. It's refreshing to have a young lady like yourself share in discussions of life. 

Thank you Bernice for not forgetting about anybody in class. You were Santa's helper giving out gifts to everybody. Also, I thank you and Shanice for the doggie gifts. Just like the frame say's "I love my Dog!" Yes I do. And take a look at how much she loves her new outfit you got her for Christmas. How did you know her size!!!! 

MISS SANTA CLAWS In her reversible doggie couture. 



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