Thursday, October 4, 2012


We were not born here on Earth to suffer and go through hardship after hardship and call it living. Yes hardships are a part of life, however, having day after day of hardships is not living, it is repeating behaviour patterns that we should stop and start learning from them.

For example, there is a woman who has been overweight most of her life. Aside from the odd time of losing weight from crash diets she has always carried over 50-100 lbs more fat on her body than the suggested healthy weight.

Now she is suffering from modern illnesses and aside from obesity, she has also been living with the crippling disease of depression. It is no doubt that the depression an effect from her lifestyle of unhealthy habits, and perhaps additional past painful experiences.

Five years ago the Doctor told her to get her health in order through eating healthy and exercise, but he also gave her the alternative option, and that was prescription medicine. He gave her the belief that the medication would take away the harsh mental crushing effects of depression.

Guess which option she picked? Well to put it straight, five years later she is not only on the same depression script, although a higher dose, but she is now on a few more scripts. One is for Anxiety, another is for high blood pressure, and another is for her bad heart.

It is important to note here that she never had an issue with her heart before taking the meds. This is not to say that the meds caused the heart condition, you see she is still massively overweight, so it could be the obesity that has created the heart issue.

She has no children, no husband and very few friends. She is on government disability and gets around via scooter- because of her size her scooter breaks down often, the back of the seat busts off at least once every two months- and she contemplates suicide on a daily, almost hourly basis. She often says it's the soap operas and the social networks online that keep her alive.

Her doctor continues to prescribe meds to her monthly and at no point has he considered the option of having a real intelligent heart to heart with her to offer her support by admitting to her that it is not the pills that will make her well, but it is her mind and dedication to getting well that will create the healing power within her.

Of course the Doctor has to make a dollar, and it is obvious that he does he does from every single pill he pushes. On the other hand, it could be that he cares but assumes she couldn't care less, and perhaps he feels it is a waste of his time badgering her with words of health that will not hit her heart and will only fly over her head.

After all, to his credit, five years ago he did tell her it was eating healthy and exercise that was going to help her. What I don't understand is why he hasn't tried to mention it again. Perhaps he's waiting for her to say "Hey Doc, I'm sick and tired of living like this. I know it is within me to manifest a better life and I know it will take some time for me to get well, but I'm ready to commit to living healthy instead of committing suicide  What do I have to do?" However, she is not saying and yet continues to allow the pills to control her health instead taking control of her life.

Her life revolves around taking her meds and talks about them like they are her jewels. She even carries her anxiety pills around with her just in case she has an attack while en route to the grocery next to her home, and she is just an example of the millions of people on Earth who are living everyday suffering like this and relying on a pill to fix them.

Many people are afflicted, but it is important to get through the midst of pain in order to get to the other side of it. Stopping in the process to take a pill in hopes to take the edge off the pain is not always the best option. Now of course I'm not attempting to make any medical claims here, because I'm not a doctor, but I believe that unless somebody has severe psychosis, they should try their utmost to get themselves out of their inner conflict and into inner peace without relying on medication first.

I am speaking from a place of experience, without judgments, just an opinion. Being overweight myself, by 80 lbs, 23 years ago after my daughter was born, then ago 18 years ago after my son was born was not easy. It was darn tough to lose that weight. It was like carrying around another person, a small one, but a whole person nonetheless. I know it is not easy being caught up in the cycle of pain-health-suffering-wellness-sorrow, but we all must learn to move on from our sorrow to glory.

How do we learn if nobody cares enough to teach us, or brave enough to guide us? We learn through life experiences, and even though we may fall over and over again, it is important to realize that it is during the falls that we learn how to stand stronger the next time. If during that fall we stay down and rely on crutches to rise, and baby our injuries, then how will we ever strengthen ourselves?

We gain strength from getting up, and although it hurts while we are rising, trust me I know, we have to keep in mind that we will heal, and once we do it is important to keep healing. During our healing process we may be called upon to help others heal as well, and eventually they will help others to heal, who will help others, who will help others and so on.

In respect to the obese woman, she called me today and asked what I did to lose my weight. She is joining my weight loss workshop which starts in November and plans to commit to getting on track with eating healthy. As a matter of fact she asked me to write her story on my website in hopes that others will start to pay attention to their health before they are in similar shes as hers.

She said "I've been taking the pills for five years, now I'm taking my life back." On her next visit to her Doctor she plans to ask him for help. She also making a request from all of you who read this, for prayers and positive vibes.

She wanted me to tell you that she weighed herself today, and she is 348lbs at 5 feet 5 inches, and it is more than she has ever been. The scale frightened for years but now she is more afraid of dying. Her plan is to lose 100lbs in the next five months and get back the size she was five years ago when she first started the pills. She hopes, with the guidance of her doctor and the support from her online friends like you, she will eventually kick the pills. She wants me to keep you all updated on her progress each month, which I will gladly do!

I know she will do it. I know she will!

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