Wednesday, September 26, 2012


  • Our minds are an expression of our infinite power. 
  • Intelligent existence lies behind everything that exists
  • We must learn how to use our mental powers if we want to enhance our life 
  • Knowledge is power and intuition is a force
  • Intuition comes in many forms

~ The transfer of information between people. This usually happens between individuals who are close.
Usually occurs in time of extreme emotion

  • A mother feels that her child is in pain
  • A wife knows when her husband is cheating/ vice versa
  • An employee knows when they are about to be fired or promoted
  • A dog knows when its owner is about to walk through the door
  • A friend knew you were about to call

~ Info from the future which is brought to the present: Fore sight
Happens without thought: automatic insight
The book BLINK explains this in detail

  • People who are less emotionally distressed are more able to grasp the intuitive vibrations
  • Depression creates personal perception
  • Releasing emotions enhances intuition
  • Children are highly intuitive because they have less worry and few inhibitions


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