Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DREAM WORKSHOP Starting Oct 6th at 3pm- Pay By Donation

We all have dreams, no matter how young or old we all sleep and that world of mystery creeps in. Some of us do not remember our dreams, some of us are not able to understand them, while some others are able to predict them like the weather.
For those of you who do not remember your dreams, there are little tricks you can do to trigger your sleeping memory. Those tips are spoken about in the dream workshop. Some people are quite comfortable not knowing their dreams and may say "Ah they're not important. If they were all that important we'd be able to remember them automatically."
In my experience, whenever an individual cannot remember their dreams it is because there is a block somewhere in their life preventing them from digging deep in to the reality of their sleeping world. Being an intuitive dreamer myself, I have been assisting many people with remembering their dreams. Over the years I have noticed that when they achieve the ability to tap into their sleeping mysteries how much it heightens their spiritual senses. It is quite astonishing for me to see how much remembering their dreams can increase their ersonal enlightenment after becoming in tune with their dreams. 've found that most people who cannot remember their dreams are experiencing a block of some kind.

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