Tuesday, August 14, 2012


A friend called me yesterday and said "Cerise I called my ex! He answered the phone, but he said he was busy and didn't give me a chance to say what I was calling for before he rudely hung up. 
His rudeness annoyed me so much that I called him right back, plus I know he wasn't busy. But he didn't answer and he just kept pressing the ignore button on his cell to send me straight to his voice mail. I didn't care, I just kept calling back. 
Eventually he turned his cell off. Afterwards I felt so stupid for calling him in the first place. It was like I just couldn't stop myself from calling so many times. If he just didn't answer the first time I probably would have never called back. I got it in my head that if I kept calling he'd eventually answer, but the more I called the more I kept getting the same response. I knew I should not have called him. I feel so guilty now for letting myself down." 

In my opinion I don't think she should beat herself up for calling him. They recently broke up and she was missing him. It's common to pick up the phone and reach out to a recent ex. However, calling him over and over again when he made it clear that he was not interested in talking is where she crossed the fine line of balance. After he hung up she should have never called back, and not only to keep her dignity but to also remain balanced.

Doing things in moderation means to balance your actions, desires and thoughts. Through balance you prevent yourself from doing things in excess and quite possibly, in the long run, save your dignity, health and money. 

When we do things in moderation it immediately balances out our life. However, when we live life indulging excessively on the things we like or even dislike, we poorly affect our peace and happiness and that is why it is important to stop overindulging and start making smarter choices in order to create a brighter life and eventually a better future. 

Many people behave like robots as they trudge on the treadmill of overindulgence, repeating the same bad behaviour while expecting a different outcome, and they do not realize that they are setting themselves up for repeated unfavourable results. 

Individuals overindulge everyday by buying products they do not need, eating that extra meal when they are not hungry, drinking another alcoholic beverage when they are already intoxicated, smoking a cigarette just because it is break time, constantly talking over others when they should be listening so they could learn a thing or two and, and believe it or not, excessive exercising can also have a negative effect as well. And the list goes on as our society grows broke, obese, drunk, ignorant... in short unhealthy. 

Expressing moderation is the first step to getting past the pit of redundant actions and outcomes. It may be hard to refrain from doing the things we have grown accustomed to, but if we at least cut down, and gain control even just a smidgen at first, then we are winning half the battle already and preparing ourselves for victory over greed.

Balance is simple once you get the hang of it. Take chips for instance, of course it doesn't hurt to eat more than just one chip, however, if you overdo it... well you know what happens. Indulging on a handful or even two handfuls can be just as rewarding as gorging on a bowl. Try it sometime. If you find that you are not satisfied with limiting yourself then drink a glass of water while you eat the one or two handfuls and you will see that the water will help to fill you and the moderation you exercise will be more satisfying than eating an entire bowl, because you will not have to deal with the feelings of guilt that goes along with overeating. 

When you understand the importance of limits you begin to create a fundamental balance in your life that will steer you closer to living a life of great health, abundant wealth, unbeatable beauty, stupendous spirit, valuable wisdom, deep love, awesome joy and wonderful peace. 


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