Thursday, August 9, 2012

COACH TIP- Love- Tips On How To Help Keep It.

Relationships in general can be tough to maintain, and whether it is with a family member, friend or coworker tight connections can loosen and at times even sever. 
When we are in love and in the midst of a serious relationship the stakes grow higher and the difficultly that exists within all love affairs can sometimes create conflict and manifest breakup. The following tips are ways to prevent that from happening, and the instructions are simplistic enough for a child to follow. 

1. When somebody criticizes you, instead of reacting harshly, respond calmly. Try not to defend yourself by rhyming off reasons why you did or said what you were being criticized for. Simply say "Your criticism is interesting. Why do you feel that way?" And while they give their reasoning, allow them to express without you cutting in. Listen to them intently, and hear them out. When they are finished, and they made their point clear, do offer excuses to vindicate your name. Of course if they ask for a response then speak your thoughts, but do not instinctively make a case out of their judgment. At the end of the day, just because they feel they can criticize you it does not mean they are correct with their opinion. 
2. No name calling! It's a sure fire way to stir up more strife. People do not appreciate being called names, and even though we're taught as children that only sticks and stones break our bones we adults still experience broken hearts over words.
3. Remember gentleness works better than roughness. Excessive force causes pain and really does not resolve any situation fast. The person on the receiving end feels battered and in most cases too beat down to even begin to try work on fixing things. Gentleness, even in a moment of discouragement demonstrates maturity, and increases respect.   
4. Be willing to reconcile quickly. Have you ever heard that saying "Don't go to bed angry at your partner." ? Well pay heed to it because it truly works. No matter how upset you are, make an effort to reconcile before bed. If you are not interested in remaining in the relationship then that's another thing. However, if you are planning to remain committed then increase the longevity by making the attempt to patch things up. 
~ Cerise


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