Saturday, August 4, 2012

COACH TIP: Light through Dark

When you allow frustration, bitterness, sorrow, and the like to affect your personal energy, then, just like a magnet, these feelings will attach themselves to you and turn on you like a thief in the night to create misfortune with health, wealth, and peace.
You can prevent the negative from happening just by not accepting it. For example, when an undesirable situation happens in your life instead of getting upset take the opportunity to turn the negative into a positive and learn from it by using the circumstances as a way to gain personal strength. If you do not get upset, and you demonstrate patience, then you will remove the vicious ego, increase your self-worth and ultimately grow mentally into a better human being and mature spirit.
So in the future when a negative situation happens, preserve your mind, body and emotions and refuse the intrusion of hate, anger and resentment. This way you will see the light through the dark and instead of the shadow of darkness threatening you, the light of love, wisdom and harmony will shine on you and guide you.



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