Wednesday, August 1, 2012


FIRE- Action, use it with your mind and body! Both are muscles that should be strengthened daily.
For the mind- Listen and learn and read and realize it wil enhance the mind"s awareness.
For the body- Rise and stretch and walk and exercise its will increase the body's endurance.

WATER- Emotions of ebb and flow. Forward and back is the pattern of life. 2 steps forward and one step back. The step back helps us to gain our fotting. Do not be discouraged when you must step back. Take the moment to stand strong and understand your surroundings.

EARTH- Stable security helps to alleviate financial fear. Sound choices removes the nag of worry. The balance of the two encourages us to advance in life without self inflicted pain or abuse towards others. 

AIR- Thought enhances our power to be greater. Thinking with great positivity increases intuition and wisdom. With the two, intuition and wisdom, a person can achieve awesome life changing experiences.
- By Cerise 


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