Thursday, July 19, 2012


 Is your mate making you feel as if the love you feel for them and the desire you have to share time with them is a crime? The issue could be that the two of you are not compatible and you need to sacrifice your connection in order to grow within, or find somebody who is as grown as you. You see, love is not something which should cause more confusion than clarity. Yes of course love does not always feel perfect and the emotions used within the love affair often creates trials and tribulations, however, during the ups and downs love should never be judgmental or lack compassion. Love should be caring and understanding. If you are not receiving the love you deserve, and your mate is picking at your appearance, personality or even intellect then perhaps it is time to realize that love is lost in the connection, and even if you were to send a smoke signal for help, love would choke on it. In most cases it is best to pack it up and take a hike because most likely love is on the other side of the mountain waiting for you in the valley of affection and acceptance.
 Do not be afraid to make the disconnection in order to find the best connection? In fact people do it everyday with Rogers and Bell. They disconnect one service in order to get the best service possible. Why not do it with your heart? Love yourself enough to love yourself first!

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