Friday, May 11, 2012


To celebrate Mothers day (early) I have decide to focus our Friday post on my very own mother Cerise Fairfax. Surprise mom, love you!

My mother Cerise is an inspirational life coach, who has worked with the likes of Mark Strong, Devo Brown, DJ Starting from Scratch and many more! Currently residing in the beautiful downtown city of Toronto, she writes  SCOPES™  for more than six publications across Canada! 
Being someone who has always been focused and able to overcome adversity she has been changing lives and giving advice to virtually hundreds of people for more than 20 years!

Born in Ontario My mother grew up in the heart of down town Toronto with her three sisters (Autumn, Darla and Audra) and her brother (Keith). Though her childhood was not always easy growing up in Regent Park, she made the best of whatever hand she was dealt and excelled as an individual and strong leader.

Having funkdafied Native-Afro-American for parents, it was only natural for my mom as a teen to hold on to her leadership qualities and became a trend setter in her neighbourhood- in fashion, music and beauty. Much like her father before her she found a creative outlet in antique hunting and thrifty finding, she would make her own clothes, jewelry and even hair gel! Inspired by the architecture of old cabbage town and the surrounding area, my mom had a pop-punk style all her own.

Through the years I have watched my mom change and grow, especially her hair. It has been bobbed, dyed bright pink, brown and blonde. It’s been teased, blow dried and pinned. It’s been braided and straight as well as naturally curly but most of all it has been loved!

My mother Cerise has amazing type 3C curly hair. If you have this type of hair, try these tips!

-Condition your hair! Hydration is key when you get into the more curly types of hair. Breakage occurs in this hair type more often and hydration will stop your hair from drying out and breaking off. Try Dagger & Arrow Butter Cream to lock in moisture after the shower.

-Take your time with this hair and treat it delicately. Remember if you get what you pay for when it comes to hair products so don’t scrooge out on your hair!

-Try wet sets to control frizz and fly away hairs, and remember to use Dagger & Arrow GELI to nourish your hair and maintain style. 

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