Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Most families have dysfunctions. Even if you came from a broken home and decided to take on others who you hold dear to your heart and consider them family, you may still find that there will be issues that will creep in, which will make your pseudo family less than perfect as well. Why is that? Well we are all made less than perfect. No matter where we are born in this vast universe, not matter what time, what day, month or year, we are all made perfectly imperfect. 
If we were made perfect then life would be a boring place indeed. We would have nothing to learn, because we would already know everything. We would turn people off because they would feel too imperfect when in our presence. More importantly we would not grow and be able to appreciate our accomplishments as we strive to becoming a better person.
Getting along with your family may be one of the most difficult things to achieve, and especially if one or all of the members are tough to get along with or understand. However, as long as you work on yourself daily by enhancing your mind, body and spirit, then you will encourage the people around you to do the same. 
Although it may not be completely noticeable at first, eventually you will recognize a change within them. And perhaps you may not witness a great transformation, but if you are aware you will notice  little personality changes in due time.
Be patient and kind and you will make the change in your family that needs to unfold in order for the generations to come to live more of a peaceful existence.

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