Friday, May 18, 2012

COACH TIP™ - Fight or Retreat!

As depicted in this image drawn by my sister Autumn Fairfax, Siamese Fighting Fish are obsessively challenging towards each other. They cannot be put in tank for more than a few minutes without fighting. Right away one has to overpower the other to control and develop a hierarchy of existence. When one back downs by swimming away, the other is the winner. If none back down, they fight till the brutal end, and one loses it life.

Some humans display this type of behaviour without realizing that it is not overpowering another person which makes them ruler, and in fact behaving with such instincts shows primitive thinking instead of great leadership quality. 
It is when one expresses kindness, caring, and understanding that they win the fight of life and gain allies to lead an important movement, or even a nation.

The next time you are caught in a sea of emotions and the overwhelming instinct is to make war instead of peace, keep in mind that most times retreating can be the best solution. Although you may feel challenged and caught in confusion, it is always best to remain calm, cool and collected, for vengeance is not more rewarding than forgiveness.  

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