Saturday, April 28, 2012

WEIGHT LOSS TIP: Pistachio's


Pistachios are a heart-healthy nut packed with essential nutrients to assist you during your weight loss process or to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. 
Keep in mind however, that even though they are great in aiding with weight loss and weight maintenance it is still important to eat these nuts in moderation. 
Like most foods it is best to portion the amount of nuts you eat, and if you are really hungry at the time of eating the nuts, then leave the shell on. Why? Well when the shell is on it takes more time to eat the nuts because you are forced to break them open before indulging, and this will prevent you from gobbling them down as opposed to enjoying them slowly.

Serving Size/Suggestions

16 nuts equals one serving, that is approximately 1 oz. of pistachios with the shells on. I usually enjoy 8 nuts in the morning with my oatmeal, and another 8 nuts on a salad at lunchtime or I'll just eat them as a snack before dinner or even on my pasta. 

Caloric Intake Facts

16 nuts adds up to only 65 calories, even less than than a single fat filled cookie! 

The calories that come from a pistachio nut is fat, protein, carbohydrates. 

While the fiber that is found in the pistachio nut is a type of carbohydrate, when it is travelling through your system for digestion it does not break down in the same manner as other carbs do, and turn into glucose, but it stays somewhat in form and it offers the body a better health benefit from bite to bathroom while it offers the important fiber we need to help with weight loss. 

You see, it takes longer to chew this type of food, so while you are chewing you are sending messages to the brain that you are getting fuller faster. 

By Cerise Fairfax

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