Saturday, April 21, 2012


Trials and tribulations, in most cases, will not feel awesome when we're going through them. As a matter of fact most times they trigger fear, sorrow, insecurity, anger and perhaps even an unpredictable outcome. However, although trials and tribulations tend to make us feel weak or broken when in the midst of them, they are necessary for us to experience throughout life. Why? Well they make us stronger mentally and spiritually. Think of a situation you went through in the past which was trying for you. Now remember how you felt when it was over.  Chances are the situation was painful and perhaps felt like it would never end, but on the flip side, you most likely learned a valuable lesson from the ordeal and have now an increased amount wisdom.
The experience, when you remember it, may not bring you joy, even though it is over and done with, but it will enhance your knowledge, and what you learned could help you and others in the future. In addition, if and when the trial happens again at least you will have the experience to deal with it in a rational manner and quite possibly without the pressure it caused before because you will already know how to deal with it, or at least have some sort of idea how to undertake the situation and find the appropriate solution.
So in the future when you go through trials and tribulations try not to view them as if they are 'negative experiences' and instead see them as what they are, lessons in life to mature us mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Want to conquer your trials and tribulations? While in the midst of them exercise wisdom. We must go through a trial in order to learn how to battle it.

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